Monday, July 7, 2008

Another day - Another job

Today I started a new job - no longer am I jobless. The place I am working at looks very nice, the atmosphere is business-like, but at the same time comfortable. The ladies at the office, including the owner, seem very friendly and supportive, but not overly so. What do I do? Hmmm... The official name for it is "Accounts Receivable." This title encompasses working with drivers' manifests, applying payments, filling out deposit slips, issuing credits - in a word, processing every piece of paper that has to do with receivables. 
I knew from the first moment I came that I would have to learn a lot before feeling comfortable with my responsibilities, so I decided to follow the principle that "it is better to stay silent and appear stupid than to say something and confirm the suspicion." With all the swirl of information I began to feel a little discouraged - can I really do this job? But then, again, I have done a lot of prep work for it - why not try the real thing? 
The office atmosphere reminds me a little about the workplace from the sitcom "As Time Goes By." People are not afraid to share the fact that they have families and lives beyond this place, but there is absolute absence of complaining. When I asked questions, I actually received competent responses, direct answers that were applicable to my job - that's another relatively new thing. I have to admit, quite often before my superiors, when I asked a question, answered, " I am not sure... You figure it out." Here, everybody is friendly, yet detail oriented; they don't mind if you share a short story about your family, but everyone has way too much to do to keep the conversation going forever... I am not sure what it is; perhaps for the first time I see a place where everyone, without any exception, has work to do, and it is very definite and concrete. 
I certainly hope I can do this job. I think I can. Wish me luck, everyone who cares. 

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