Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Design of My Own

Last night I made my first original cross stitch design. I used my daughter's drawing as an inspiration, and came up with a cross-stitched birthday card for her teacher. Here is the result. It's far from glamorous, but - it's a start. My daughter liked it.

And what do you think, my friends and fellow stitchers?


  1. Hi Katya,

    Well, I'm not a stitcher. But enjoy seeing creative sewing by others (I once was a college art major--painting).
    Also, it's cool you could use your daughter's art work. I bet she was excited.

    Right now Betsy's work at the college is taking a lot of her time and energy, but she is gathering material for projects in sewing she hopes to get to someday.

    I would imagine Joseph is probably painting too.

    Me,I just wrote a poem for our first granddaughter born a couple weeks ago:-)


  2. what a lovely job...and it's more than's the joining of 2 creative souls...bravo!!!

    thanks for visiting my have inspired me to post again...bless you...i have abandoned it for too long! Be well, Jodi


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