Monday, June 21, 2010

Dropped a class

As of today, I am no longer in English 103 - Critical Thinking. No critical thinking for me. :(
Even though at first it seemed like a bad decision, going through the experiences of the class and observing critically (critical thinking in action - hooray!) convinced me that dropping was the best thing to do. Why? Several reasons...
First of all, everyone in my class is under twenty. Everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed and can't wait to get filled with "knowledge" up to the brim. Can't say I blame them ( I used to be like that once), but - it's just not my scene.
Second thing - the topics. The topics cater to the audience: pornography, advertisements, political conspiracies... I really do not give a shit about that. For me, pornography is just there; advertisements are annoying and certainly not worth analyzing, and political conspiracies are unprovable (if there is such a word). I realize these may be just starting points of discussions, and the whole class is "designed" to teach us the skills we need... But, I can't help thinking that I have already learned these skills, that I am wasting my time.
Finally - time... The schedule is packed: five papers in six weeks. There is no way I can write a decent paper and be able to live my real life - which is also packed with events now, due to everything that happened over the past six months.
I wanted to talk to the teacher before making my decision. She was very understanding and encouraged me to try, assured me that she was there for me, her student, in every capacity. I appreciate that. In fact, her words almost made me stop and reconsider.
In the end, though, I had to face the truth: no WAY I would be able to meet all the requirements right now... Bottom line - right now I want to write what I want, when I want, and as much or as little as I want. Topics, standards, rules - these just make things more complicated. Not to mention MLA format and Bibliography - just another thing to worry about.
There was one thing that tied it for me. A girl in class tried to convince me to stay, to appeal to my "responsible self." She asked me, "What could be more important than this?" I answered something to the effect that I have to raise my family and deal with life. Then she says, "Life??? Do you know how many parties I had to miss because of the homework I chose to do?"
This just highlighted it for me... She is right in her own way, I am right in mine. We just just have different perspectives.
Better luck next time! Maybe I should stick to the evening classes.

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  1. Hi Katya,

    So you used your critical thinking to make an educational decision and to concentrate on what is most important:-)

    Good for you,



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