Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stitching Thoughts

Over the past week, I have been stitching a Heart sampler. It has a big "quilted" heart in the middle, made out of different color stripes, like puzzle pieces. The whole sampler - the whole stitching process - reminds me lately of a puzzle: the picture consists of so many different pieces, shapes, colors, stitch variations. Will I be able to see the whole picture? That's what life is like for me too.
Eventually, though, I will see the completed sampler. It will be finished. Will I see the life's complete picture - that's another story.
On a non-philosophical, practical end of things - I have found a temporary job. Nothing big, just a couple of days, but exactly what I need after a long "break" from working. Wish me luck...

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  1. You see in life what you choose to see, I see in your work a series of questions, the answers lay within the work. I think you do well to see that you, as your work is beautiful.

    if one looks too deeply, one misses the overall picture, which is splendid


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