Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Anti-Blogging blog post

It has been a while since I have visited my English blog - it seems like no one reads it anyway, or, at least, iti has been a while since I have read any new comments. So, I turned to other things, among them - blogging in my Native language. Still, once in a while I come by and do an update or two, rearrange some sections and add some pictures -you know, the regular maintenance that is due.
Several.... weeks(?) ago I noticed that my Slideshow from Picasa needed some attention. Some pictures did not show ( arrived as black boxes), others were duplicated. I went to Picasa and first of all did some cleaning and organizing. I selected the pictures I wanted, deleted others, added some new ones. Then, I deleted the existing slideshow album and added the New and Improved one. Saved the changes, did the preview - and... surprise!?!?
Perhaps the excess of emotion is not justified, but... My slideshow was fine, clicking away just the way I wanted. All my other pictures from the ENTIRE blog were gone - they appeared as blank boxes with a terrifying red X in the left corner. I frantically clicked "undo", but it was too late... my pictures are gone.
When I went to the Help screen, it described the problem for me and suggested it is because of changed "privacy" settings in Picasa - yes, I made the new album and made it public - but offered no resolution... I sighed, re-aploaded the two pictures for the latest entry, and then it occured to me that I could not possibly go through two years of blogging and reload all the pictures. I have a choice in the matter - I can either go forward and keep "plugging away" without restoring the past, or - I may just "close doors" of this one. I have not decided yet. I want my readers' input. So,what do you think? Post a comment with your suggestion under this blog entry. I will decide for myself, of course, but your opinion will play a part in my decision.


  1. Hello Katya,

    We just got back from South Carolina.

    Sorry to hear of your computer woes--
    (Is that the right Russian word?)

    I would suggest reposting the pictures of your creations.

    In the Light,


  2. Hello Daniel,
    Re-posting all my pictures (over the past two years ) may not be an option, especially if I know that blogger can do this thing again and erase everything... Thank you for your suggestion, though.


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