Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Quick Note on Oscar Articles

           So the Oscar ceremony has not even started, but the Internet was already buzzing with the headlines like, "ridiculously beautiful couples," "worst dressed celebrities", "embarrassing moments at Oscars" etc. Because the reporters did not have anything to say about this year's event - it has not started yet - they dug into the previous years' news. And you know what? Not a single article seemed to say anything nice about anybody. Even seemingly flattering articles were full of "undercover" poison: the winner's speech was bad, or the actress' dress was sheer... 

            Why is it the reporters sound so... bitter? Do they think that, if they actually say something nice about the actors, or do some real research into their career, we, the audience, will not read them? Do they seriously believe that we are going to pay attention only to gossip? or is it an illustration of a famous saying, "Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little"? Is it envy?

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