Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blue and White Sampler Finish and a Surprise Gift

After more than four years, my Blue and White Sampler is finally finished! Happy dance!

Although there are only two colors in the project (light and dark blue), the intricate designs make up for the simple color scheme. I followed the original chart exactly, except for the initials in the left corner - they are mine.

I suppose that now, after one of my rotation projects is complete, it is time to choose a new one. I already know what it is going to be: the Autumn Celtic Lady by L&L. All my threads are finally gathered, the fabric is purchased...All it takes now is some motivation, which is at the moment, I admit, in short supply. Between my accounting homework, occasional Etsy orders, temp work and model stitching (thank you for your tips, Kathy, I am so grateful), I am running out of daytime.

On another happy note, Shannon at Lasting Allure was hosting a giveaway, and  I am one of her happy winners! I won the chart of her beautiful Mad Hatter cross stitch. Thank you, Shannon!

I know I have not been posting often... A lot is happening in our family. First of all, my stepson Michael is moving back in with us and going to college. Then, the house we are presently renting is being sold, so we have to find a new place to live by the end of August... There are plenty of properties to rent, but finding something in our price range - that's another story. Finally, I am still looking for permanent work... Just like many people out there, I am sure. So, I have been trying to limit my posting to finished projects with pictures and/or major updates. If I start posting about everything, I am afraid I will plunge into whining and complaining - full speed! And that's just not cool.

Thank you for reading my blog, and happy stitching!


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  2. I love the blue stitch work...Reminds me a blue china. Which is a favorite of mine. So what's the latest you got going on?

  3. Thank you, Michele! I was thinking of blue china when stitching it, too!
    Right now I am working on my WIPs - the green Carson Mansion and the Hogwarts Crest. That is, when I don't do homework for my online class. :)

  4. The sampler is very Dutch! I love it :) The blues and whites remind me of my grandparent's house with all of the fine china they have with these types of figures in these colors.

    Oh and thanks for mentioning me! :D I am glad you like the pattern


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