Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Experience

Today... my heart was broken. It happened so suddenly and so quickly, that I barely had a chance to get my bearings... I could feel it as an enormous crush and pain in my chest, and then it was quiet, empty, and dark. It took me about thirty seconds to realize that they - all of them - were looking straight at me; another ten to realize I was not smiling, and a few seconds more to force a smile upon my... lips? Face? It is a strange feeling - smiling when you feel that empty inside. It's like... wearing a mask.
Part of me is wondering why I allow myself to get in these situations... And yet I feel - I hope - that, all said and done, it was a worthy experience. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? I must be getting stronger, then.

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  1. Hi Katya,

    I guess you were presenting a talk?

    Not sure what "broke your heart..."

    Hope the last couple of days have been better.



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