Friday, May 1, 2015

News From the Island

The good news is - I finished a project! 

The bad news - I can't show pictures of it.... So, instead - there is a Bitstrip cartoon I made in honor of this accomplishment. One project down - two more to go! 

In all other aspects - things have been (almost) the same. Every time I think - maybe I should go out? - I start thinking of where to go, what to do... and the thoughts alone make me feel tired, to the point that going outside would be out of the question. 

Until next time - I will be on my island, stitching. 


  1. You know how rubbish I am at reading blogs, thus I didn`t even understand your island reference first, but this way at least I went back 2-3 posts and now I get it. Sorry you`re feeling this way (and I understand why you didn`t mention anything within the confines of FB), and I also know that it`s not `sorrys` and `cheer ups` that you need. So instead, I`m going to tell you what Jo always tells me, and even though I`ve never taken her advice (yet), because I`m not `community spirited` the way she is, but maybe you ARE, so it actually might help you.
    If like-minded people that you met through social media geographically don`t live near you, how about starting up a group/club in your area? There might even be one already (e.g. there`s a knitting club here too that meets every Monday, I`m just too lazy and rather sit in my own comfy chair - as I said, am not as sociable as Jo`d have me). But if there isn`t one, you could start your own: print flyers or put some posters up in the local library or where people do their shopping. It doesn`t have to be exclusively cross stitch: could be a `craft club` where stitchers, knitters, crocheters and everyone else is welcome. In time, you could even organise a craft show, who knows, maybe sell your collected crafty makes either for charity or to cover running costs of the club...? You could meet in a local cafe, or if you have a craft shop, maybe they`d let you and your fellow crafters meet there once a week...? Maybe they`d even ask you to run a regular workshop... Oh, there`s another idea: contact the girls` school, maybe they`d be interested in your running a workshop for their students...?
    I know, it`s easy to sound so practical, yet I don`t do anything for myself - but as I said, I`m not at the stage where I`d move out of my comfort zone for something like this. However, if you are, I hope this helps a bit - good luck! And in the meantime: happy stitching!

    1. Thank you, Laura! Yes, it has been tough; some days are better than others. It's stitching that keeps me going, funny enough.
      As for the suggestion - I guess I am not much of a community spirit person, either. Or - not any more. In the past, I tried some of the things you suggested. For a while there was a craft group in the area - they ( or should I say "we", because I belonged to it) got together once a week. It was fun, I learned a lot - and then the group fell apart. Then, I tried to organize something at my house - but it fell through; people's schedules kept changing (and I only had 2 people wanting to come in the first place). I did a couple of activities in my daughters' Girl Scout club (back when they were in GS),,,, I think I am just "lucky" enough to live in the area where the "surfing" or the "agricultural" club would do better than sewing or crafting. :)


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