Thursday, May 27, 2021

A Grey Ladybug


The other day, I met a grey ladybug. Actually, she just sort of fell into my hair from the bus shelf. I got so freaked for a second I just swapped her away, and she fell into the bus aisle between the seats. She started crawling towards one side of seats, then rolled and changed direction, until she chose to go in a straight line. The whole time I was really hoping that she would not get squished by one of the passengers. When we reached the end of the trip, I discovered her on the floor, alive and well, maybe slightly disoriented. I bent down in the middle of the aisle, scooped her up and marched us outside. 

"Shall we find some grass for you, maybe some flowers?" She was crawling on my hand, grey with dark spots, - an unusual animal. I must have looked really strange to the passersby, standing there, talking to my hand. And then, when I looked away for a moment, just like that, she was gone.

I hope she is OK. 

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