Saturday, October 9, 2021

A Puzzling Update

 Hello, dear friends,

Today, I am showing off my new 3-D puzzle from the Diagon Alley collection. It is freshly put together by me last night.

Quality Quidditch Supplies /Slug& Jiggers

I enjoyed looking at all the details and little "plug-ins," as usual. 

I could not quite place it with the other stores right away - it just... had to stay there by itself for a bit and get used to its neighbors. 

I still don't know if it looks a bit crooked to me because I was putting it together until 3 am, or because it was designed that way. 


This is the fourth store puzzle I have from the Diagon Alley/Harry Potter collection. I also have Hagrid's hut (not in the pic, but put together and displayed as well) and The Burrow (still in the box). 

Diagon Alley

I decided to rearrange the buildings to fit the new one - and here is the result. 

I would love to walk that real street some day. :) 

Until next time, 

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