Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Down Time

For the past two weeks, I have  been feeling down. To be more precise, I have been feeling like... crap. That's right. I restarted college and even university - big dreams about BS degree (ha, ha), but lately I do not feel like doing anything. Don't want to write essays, don't want to do assignments -- simply because I feel that next semester I will not be at the university. Who can afford the tuition? Two thousand dollars a class - wow! I asked Financial Aid office for help - their answer is "Take out loans." Right... 
I started a new job - actually, restarted the old one I used to have at a local college, working at the Computer Lab as an "Tech Assistant." Part-time, 20 hours a week. Not much, but it's something. It has its perks - access to the computers, flexible schedule, studying Microsoft Office programs... 
What's the point? What's the reason for - living, learning, aging?
 What the hell am I here for???
I do not know. And none of their classes will teach me or tell me that. Also, none of my education can teach me about being a parent.... 
See you all later 

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