Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Nicest Person He Ever Met

Why me? Because you are the nicest
Person I ever met, - he says. - After Grandma.
He must have misspoken, I think. I am
The vicious enforcer, I come from
The land of "No," I never
Let him do what he wants, I always
Make him do what he has to. At dinner, I 
Holler at them: " Put your feet
Down! Sit up 
Straight!" Each evening, I check their
Homework, backpacks, reading, showers. 
I used to think that being mom means 
Giving them hugs and kisses
 Holding them when they are sad,
Being happy when they  are happy. Now
The main thing seems to be 
Telling them what to do, checking, and
Hoping that
Some day it will
 Make a difference.

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