Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Short Story

I finished my short story - hooray for me! I have been working on it for the past ten days - thus there was not anything on my blog - and tonight my shaking hand will offer it for the evaluation to the group of writers...
Yesterday I was still revising the text here and there, changing and adjusting words. Finally, I had to stop. If I do not stop myself in time, I usually find myself in a state of panic, rewriting the whole thing and second guessing myself on every word. So, I did myself a favor by shutting down my computer and putting it away.
I hope that the writers in this groups will not "tear me to shreds," so to speak.
Wish me luck! (Maybe, some day I will get published... :)

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  1. Katya,

    Hooray for you! Your story is much better than your own second guessing. Shred your worry.

    However, dedication to perfection in writing and art is part of what makes a good writer.

    So continue to write without worry, and do second guess every word (like Poe said was a necessity in order to write a good short story)
    but don't panic. Live a contradictory creative life;-)

    I won't wish you luck, not even the luck of the Irish (who would want that;-). Instead, may you
    continue to sense the Muse which is eternal, ever creating through and with us.

    Very glad that you and Joseph could make it to writers' group.

    Thanks for the encouraging comments on my poems.



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