Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unemployment (part 2)

Here I am; it has been alsmost a week since I got fired. A good friend of mine told me that I have the right to be upset, but I have only one week to complain about it. After one week I have to fully focus on finding another job, and that means - stop bitching. Easier said than done, of course...
I did find out the exact reason they fired me for. It was a single mistake, and I did not make it alone (at least that's my opinion), but I was the one that had to "pay" for it and got fired. The driver gave me the wrong information, and I automatically repeated it to someone else, without verifying. Then, someone else called the customer - without verifying. As a result, the wrong customer got contacted and accused of something, and, of course, that looks bad. Well, out of the line of three people I was the one that took a hit. That's all. But, surprisingly, now that I know exactly what happened, I feel better. No more second-guessing and wondering. "You made a mistake" is definitely more informative than "you do not fit our company."
Well, I am back on the market, looking for the office/AR job; let me know if you find something, please... Back to school and job hunting.

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  1. Hi Katya,

    Hope a better friendlier work environment shows up.

    Holding you and Joseph in the Light.



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