Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thoughts on the Mind Process of a Herd

Recently, I have heard that the Vatican blessed the latest Harry Potter movie for its potrayal of Good and Evil. The Pope, in his own way, recommended the movie to the world.
What happened afterwards is somewhat difficult to accept, because it shows how narrow-minded most people actually are. Just several months ago I spoke to some acquaintances, who were convinced that Harry Potter stories - books and movies equally - were "the work of the devil." They did not allow any such material in their homes, and their children were strictly forbidden access to any Harry Potter stories. Now, after the "blessing," the same such people are the ones that - in a hurry - buy the books and get the movies - and make Harry Potter mandatory. The same woman that just several months ago was telling me disdainfully that she does not follow witchcraft and devil-worshipping (two different ideas, but OK) and therefore does not wish to be exposed to such ideas (not the intention of the book at all, in my opinion) - now was seen by me talking to someone on the cell, ordering "every book of Harry Potter available" and also checking how she could get the movies.
Whatever happened to this woman's strong disdain for the whole subject? More importantly, where does her true opinion lie? Where are her brains? Do they function? In the land that claims to be so full of freedoms, she is unable to use her brains to take advantage of the most basic one - the freedom of choice. Why? Because, apparently, she lost her ability to make choices. She needs someone to tell her what's right and wrong, what to accept and what to refuse, just like a small child would. Scary... Now add to that several thousand (million? ) people that are like her - and we just entered the Area of Nightmares. My nightmares, anyway.
Personally, I have always appreciated Harry Potter books - from the moment I decided to read one. I think that the movies do not give full justice to the books, but, given time constraints, they are done fairly well. Some very important moments, though, were omitted. But, I never needed anyone to tell me these were good books or good movies - I read them and watched them and made my own informed decision. Whatever happened to the basic right of using one' s brain?
Anyway, I'd better go and do something else before I get extremely bitter.

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