Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Stitching and Life

First of all, here is my update on the stitching progress... I have been working (somewhat) tirelessly on completing it, and it seems like it's coming along well. Hope you enjoy it.
Second, I am seriously considering disconnecting my phone line. I realized lately that the only people calling my number are the bill collectors. Well, besides my employer. Paying for the phone line just to receive annoying calls about debts sounds ridiculous... But, my employer does have to get a hold of me. That's the only consideration still keeping me from disconnecting that stupid phone line.

I have to say, though - next time any of my "friends" tries to proclaim his/her "true caring feelings" or share his/her problems, I will walk away. I don't think I will even say anything. I will just keep walking.

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  1. WOW your doing really well there hun, as for the beading side of things.

    I use clear thread so that you can't see it when you are adding the beads to the pattern. I attach them using either a Full cross stitch or a half cross stitch. Not sure if that will be any help hun, but just to say if you use a full cross stitch when you add the beads, they will sit straight on the fabric as you go along.

    Hugs xxxxx


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