Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New Year's goals

Looking back,  I can honestly say that in the past year I have stitched more and finished more projects than in the previous five years. Let's see...
Celtic Summer
Heart Sampler
Breast Cancer Awareness project
Advent Calendar (finished - and used for the first time!)
Mother Goose pillows and toy (beak repaired, pillows stitched - finally)...

Plus, of course, there were many, many small projects... Stitching-wise, it was a good year.

 Quite a few of these achievements were possible because my sensitive and loving husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas. Having this tool has brought a new dimension to the whole stitching process. Now I can make things that are useful and practical, not just decorative.

In the new year, I plan to...
Make hand stitched post cards
Continue developing my Etsy shop
Make three presents for my online blogger friends - I made promises, so - gotta keep them...
Finish a Victorian House stitching project
Stitch Celtic Lady Autumn

In addition to that, I also hope to find a job, but, given the situation of our economy, I am starting to accept that for a while I may have to be content with the role of Susie-homemaker.

Finally, today we had some people from the electric company show up and replace all our light bulbs and lighting fixtures with the ones that are "more energy efficient." Now that I see them burning I understand how these save energy - they are incredibly dim. Our rooms are so dark that I can neither stitch nor read. I went to the closet and wanted to put the old bulbs in when Joe reminded me that the nice gentlemen from the company took all the bulbs with them... And all this time I was wondering what the catch was...

Autumn Biscornu

Summer Biscornu


  1. Hi Katya5,

    Susie-homemaker? Well, no doubt that is one of your "hats," but it looks like from all the stitching you've done with your new sewing machine (from your husband)
    that you are "Katya5-Creative Stitcher";-)

    Your creations look great.

    My wife hopes to soon get back to a small quilt she is making.


  2. Oh dear about your lights, I use a little angle poised lamp as we too have energy efficient bulbs!
    Still all that lovely stitching completed in 2010, your Celtic Lady was beautiful.
    Chris x
    PS Do pop along to my blog and put your name down for my givaway...
    Chris x


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