Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's What I Do...


Needlework is the most consistent "hobby" I have ever acquired. It has always been there for me, and I have been working with the needle in one way or another for the past fifteen years.

I have made small items

Finished Biscornu 1

and big projects.

girls and stuff 011

I have used it to help my kids at school


and decorate my home for the holidays.


  It is here when I need to make presents for friends

Rose Card (5)

and donations for causes.


Needlework has permeated my life through and through. It is no longer just a hobby. It's what I do.


  1. Hi Katya,

    Isn't the joy of creating wonderful?

    Thanks for showing us some of your creations:-)

    In the Light,


  2. And all of your projects are beautiful.. well done
    Hugs Chris x


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