Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gifts of Depression

My therapist says I ought to "get out there" and meet people, put myself in the situation where contact with others  would be possible. Then, she says, I give myself a chance to meet the ones I might like, and then - who knows? - I just might find friends.
I thought about her suggestion long and hard, and instead locked myself inside. Contact with others, conversations - all this seems fairly pointless. I have come to the conclusion that I do not like most people, and contact is often painful. Not because they say mean things or intend to hurt me, mind you. It is just so painfully obvious that they don't care.
While inside, I did not waste time, though. I learned how to crochet afghan blankets - and made two for my daughters. I also made a basket of biscornu to go with it. So, here are my Gifts of Depression.

I liked working on the patterns, crocheting - with its repetitive design - seems to be therapy in itself.

Have a good time, everyone, and don't let your depression and stress go to waste. As Christopher Titus said in his latest album "Neverlution", stressing and worrying is NORMAL. Worrying about rent getting paid is HOW RENT GETS PAID.
And after paying rent - get creative to commemorate the occasion. And these will be the gifts - of depression.


  1. Hi Katya5,

    More beautiful creativity:-)

    Sad to hear you are struggling with sadness, stress, and loneliness.

    Hope this fall looks up for you. Maybe you and Joseph and the girls could get away for a day up at Morro Bay to the Tern Sanctuary or Montano del Oro.

    In the Light,

    Daniel Wilcox

  2. Hey Katia, your Florida friend is hearing your thoughts and seeing your beautiful creations.

    Don't give up your passions for the sake of others opinions. You will find your way out when you are ready.

    Let me share my experiences with you and maybe you can try some of it as well. I too fought with depression and sadness; feeling like a failure.

    Vitamin B complex comes in liquid form and pill. Vital for women, it is a natural start for you to try, inexpensive and very important for hormonal balance.
    I also enjoy walking. Diving into my art and crafting while going thru my challenges is really making me feel more connected to my true self. So depression, maybe a reflective time, a calm before a personal growth spurt.
    You do have people around who really care. Even if we connected via your kooky husband.

  3. Hi Dan,
    Thank you for your support. Right now we (the girls and I) are going to the swimming pool once a week, and that helps all of us. As for "getting away" - as soon as Joe gets a raise... or the gas prices go down. :)

  4. Debi,
    Thank you so much! I am thinking about vitamin B complex; right now I take "one a day for women" and also trying to eat healthy... I walk and go swimming with the girls...
    It's just surprising me how difficult it is to find someone to talk to - except for the therapist. :) But the therapist is sort of paid to listen to problems... Maybe it's the area we live in and the time we live in - everyone for himself?
    Anyway, thank you again for your message. If you have a blog, I would love to sign up to it. My kooky husband says hi. :)))


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