Tuesday, September 13, 2011

About a lady who did not want to go to the ball

Once there was a lady who was invited to attend a ball. Her daughter was turning 16, and the ball was her coming-out party.
The lady was very happy and proud for her daughter. Indeed, the girl was beautiful, intelligent, well-spoken, polite and respectful -- what else was there to wish for?
So, the lady started to get ready for the ball. She wanted to look good on her daughter's special day. But the lady could not help feeling sad, for no matter what she did, what makeup cream or powder she used, or how well she dressed, she could not feel beautiful. All the makeup and powder, instead of making her prettier, just reminded her of her age and made her face look shiny.

Just then the daughter came into her mother's dressing room. She did not need to dress up - or powder up - to look pretty. The lady was reminded of the time - not so long ago, it seemed - when she was young and beautiful. Not any more...

And so the lady made a decision. "I am too old for these wild parties," she said. "Let your father take you, and I shall stay home." - "But I want you to come," protested the daughter. " I want you to be there for me."
Then, the lady took out a cameo brooch.
 " Put it on your dress, " she said. "That way, I will always be with you, and you will always remember what you will become, and we'll be inseparable. "
The daughter put on the present and went to the ball...
However, it did not turn out quite as expected..... 

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