Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year starts with...

My new year has started with a hope for a job, followed by a sudden drop of disappointment. At the last moment, the client cancelled the assignment. And I was all ready to go!
I suppose that is the down side of working temporary assignments: anything can change at any moment. So, I am back to my life: stitching, crochet and housework. I will just have to remember that... anything can change at any moment!
As for the stitching, at the end of December I finished a small Thanksgiving ornament, but never had a chance to take a picture. Here it is.
Happy Thanksgiving!

 The cross stitch design is by Joann Elliott, stitched on 14-ct Fiddler's Cloth. Originally, it was meant to be a card, but the ornament seemed more interesting. I am thinking of making the whole series - Independence Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.


  1. Oh what a disappointment I kind of know how you feel as my DH works from home on computer projects. Sometimes he is phoned by the firm he mainly works for to say there is a job in the pipe line and then it falls through. I hope someone else will offer you work.
    But it does give you plenty of stitching time and your Celestial Lady is absolutely gorgeous, beautifully stitched.
    Happy Stitching
    Chris xx

  2. Thank you, Chris! I enjoyed stitching her, so hopefully it shows. :)


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