Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Quick Stitching Update

With all the business and job searching talk, I almost forgot to mention the project I work on for sheer pleasure. Here it is, in progress....

Hogwarts Crest in the making
I have been looking for a good pattern of Hogwarts Crest for a long time, and there it is - designed by littlemojo. (Unfortunately, I do not know the designer's real name. This was the nickname used on the Harry Potter Fans web site.)
Stitching this project goes perfectly with watching British sitcoms and murder mysteries. My survival pack: a cup of tea with a biscuit, a face of Tom Barnaby on the TV screen, and the stitching.
To everyone out there with a needle in their hand, have a good stitch! 


  1. I have a "pin" instead, stitching together words into needed points;-)

    Glad to see you are posting more and stitching more.

    Daniel Wilcox

  2. Dan, do you mean "needlepoint"? :)
    Debbie, thank you very much!


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