Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cross stitch software experiments

Finally, I decided it was time for me to get cross stitch software. It is a significant investment, but I think it will be worth it. With the first design I proved to myself that I could do it!
So I went online and got WinStitch 2012, downloaded it and started playing. One thing I always wanted was to turn several pictures I found online into cross stitch, and this software allows it. It also shows you how the finished project would look like, which is a bonus.
One thing that surprised me was how blurry the picture came out after the conversion, the other - how huge the chart was. It was just a simple picture, maybe 8x10 inches in my imagination, but the program gave out a 33 page chart with over 150 colors for it. I said  "No way" and went on tweaking. Finally, I reduced the number of colors to 50 (I know, still too many) and the chart size - with the thread list- to 3 pages. Not too bad on the size. Next step is to make it sharper.
As for sharpness, there are two major obstacles: color list and outlining. The program does not capture any outlining, this will have to be done manually. I am still playing with it to try and figure out how to make circle or oval outlines... Perhaps it will come during the stitching process.
Then, there are colors. The program is designed to capture every color variation, which is perfect for big painting-like projects, but not for cartoon-like, bright and sharp drawings. With all the variations what I got was a lot of "confetti" stitching and very wavy, blurry lines of color. It's literally like the ghost of the original.
But I bet all these descriptions don't mean much if you don't know what I am trying to stitch. Here's the intended project.

 In the chart, the ladybug and the tongue on the cup's face disappeared completely, and the greens on the fur (hair?) were 40 different shades... So, that will require some serious color trimming. I plan to work with it manually. I guess this is where the "creative" side of me will have to step in.
My goal is to have a 1-2 page chart with no more than 10 colors, maybe 15 as a maximum. When I get there, I will absolutely share the results here... Until then, wish me luck... I am going to need it.

A small note on the completely unrelated subject: I took off the "word recognition" option in my blog, so every one who wants to leave a comment won't have to type in those annoying two-word  codes. I personally don't mind typing them in, but I know some of us don't like the hassle. So, hopefully this will make it easier to share... Please do! 


  1. This progam you have bought sounds wonderful..and I love that little green fella you want to stitch. You will learn as you go to reduce the number of pages and colours. Looking forward to seeing the result. Well done you for attempting to do it.

    Chris xx

  2. Looks an interesting project I am looking forward to see how you get on.. well done you for trying this. Pretty little green fella!
    Happy stitching

    Chris xx

  3. Thank you for your encouragement, Chris! I used to think that having a software means scanning the image in and coming out with a ready-made pattern, all prim and perfect. Not so...


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