Saturday, March 15, 2014

Website is Up and Running!

I have been thinking about it and wanting it for a while, - and now it's a reality: my website offering model - and ghost - stitching services is up and running!

Love of Stitching

This site is a natural - progression? - of my stitching bug that just can't keep quiet and keep itself at home, and wants to go out and find work. :)

My DH Joe has been so supportive through time - and not just about this site, but about my every interest. I remember some ten years ago, when we both had full time jobs, I said jokingly how I would love to get paid for my stitching - that way my office would be at home... He answered, "Go for it!" I smirked and said something like, "right, there are so many people out there just dying to pay me for sitting in the chair and making pretty pictures with thread." To which he said, "You'd be surprised!"
So I found Etsy web site and opened my store. Although I do not make a lot from it - definitely not enough to support a family - yet, working on projects for people who appreciate my craft is its own reward. Getting paid for it is an additional thrill. :P.
I do hope that this new venture will be successful and that I will be able to meet more people that share my interests - passions, when it comes to stitching. Keeping my fingers crossed - and, please, you do the same for me... and then go and visit my page and let me know what you think.. and, of course, if you know anyone who may be in need of a ghost stitcher - let them know that I exist and am very happy to help.


  1. Just been over to your website - I love it!!! Your `About` section is the best summary of what`s going on in us, stitchers, I`ve read in a long time! The photos are gorgeous and everything`s so professional looking, I`m in awe! Big hugs to your hubby for supporting you as he does - oh, and I love this From The Heart sampler too above ;) Well done, Businesswoman! xx

    1. Thank you, Laura! Believe it or not, "About" section took me the longest to write.... longer than this post. I was trying not to go for the "shiny-happy-grandma-type" about page, and I did not want to sound like a "misunderstood artist" (seen a few of these on web pages). I wanted to convey that what we stitchers do is a craft, and that I am serious about it. I am glad you liked it. If a serious stitcher like yourself responded, it means I have accomplished my goal. :)


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