Monday, August 18, 2014

A Finished Project - and a Lot of Stitching

What do you think I have been doing all this time, ever since my last post? That's correct - stitching! Stitching cross stitch projects and embroidery projects, stitching small projects and big projects... Sometimes, in between stitching, I would come up "for air" to talk to my friends and family, or answer emails, or check social media, and then - more stitching! 
Most projects in progress I can't really post pictures of - I am not sure it would be right. But, here is one finished project - design by Nancy Turner of Victorian Sampler Motto Shoppe - that I am pretty certain I can share. In addition, it describes me to the "t." To the tea? I like tea... Especially Lipton and English Breakfast... Some cookies or crumpets or turnovers would not be a bad idea either... Darn, now I am hungry! Where was I again?
Anyway, back from the abyss of my wandering thoughts... It's a finish!

"Needle and Thread"
by Nancy Turner

What can I say about working on this motto? I loved every minute of it. I loved the smell of linen - I keep wondering if it's handwoven or store bought... The more I worked on it, the more it felt like home made fabric. The font reminded me a bit about Harry Potter series, but maybe it's just me. 

Thank you for reading my (short-ish) rambling... and now - guess what? Back to stitching! 


  1. I love your work. You inspire me to do better.

  2. Gorgeous design, Katya, and you`ve stitched it beautifully! And yes, it is a bit Harry Potterish - or could be the opening screen of one of those 1950`s Grimm adaptations or a Disney film that starts with the pic of a huge story book, but instead of `Once Upon a Time` it says `My Soul is Fed by Needle and Thread`. :) Lovely work, thanks for sharing and can`t wait to see the next one! ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! A compliment from you means a lot.


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