Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It was fun while it lasted...

Hello, dear friends,

Well, today came with a blow: I was released from my (semi)-perfect job. Apparently, my multi-tasking skills are not as high as the job requires. Oh well, I tried. I did my best.

I know I should be panicked, shocked, dismayed - but, surprisingly, I am not. At least, not as much as I would expect from myself. Perhaps, it's because I did not have a chance to get "attached" to this job yet, or some other reason, - after I realized that the supervisor's mind was made up, I started feeling better. I thought: perhaps, the purpose of this job was to pay this month's rent, to learn that I was able to function in this type of setting, and - to experience a let go. I have not changed. I am still the same person. So maybe it was not a good fit after all. I have not had a chance to get bored - or tired of - this job. I guess that's a plus.

Finally, my past experience has taught me that, when something drastic happens - whether it's my professional life, or personal one - it always brings new opportunities and changes for the better. Perhaps, this situation means that there is something better out there for me - something that I am better suited for, perhaps.

Life has been a roller coaster these past three months. Everything always changes, nothing stays the same long enough for me to get used to it. Maybe it's Life's way of telling me not to get complacent. Not to get "comfortable." To be ready for new things to come.

I do hope they are good things.

Until next time,


  1. Let me know if I can help you. I'm sorry to hear this news. I do hope something better comes along for you.

  2. Sending you a big smile, by the sounds of it you are dealing with this news really well..... My mum always says to me... One door closes, another one opens. Or ... There is always a silver lining.... Or.... Things just have a way of sorting themselves out... Yes I have had my fair share of disappointment! I do hope things get sorted for you xxx :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jacquie! Yes, I also heard that "everything happens for a reason," and perhaps this is one of those times. I do appreciate your kind words and support. Happy stitching. :)


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