Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Officially a writer

I received my first rejection letter, which means, as my husband Joe said, that I am officially a writer. The letter came via e-mail from The Writer's Eye, and, as rejection letters go, I suppose it was fairly gentle. It merely informed me that "unfortunately, we have decided not to publish" my short story and expressed hope that I would submit to them in the future.
That's pretty much the whole deal. But, of course, I did not write the story because I wanted someone's approval; approval is welcome, but the main reason for it was because I could not hold it any more... It was necessary for me.

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  1. Good morning Katya,

    Congratulations;-) You now are in that esteemed group including John Steinbeck (whose first book was rejected over 25 times), Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King,etc.

    I am trying to think of a famous woman writer who got to enjoy the compost pile too. Oh here's a popular one--Sue Grafton who now has sold millions of her mysteries wrote 7 books before she was ever published! It took her years. Both rather depressing, yet encouraging, right?

    And here's my poem to rejections, since I got half a dozen the last couple of months:

    Getting the Slip

    Editor’s slip
    Pulled success
    Out from under me--
    But since scientists
    Say over 50% of our
    Genes inhabit bananas—
    I must be the human
    Peeling out
    --As I slip--
    Laughter Pealing,
    Tolling time;

    In my roots, branching out,
    Redwooded though fired,
    Up growing above
    Rejections littering
    So much compost.

    Now I'm off to write on my second novel (that I didn't get to read the first couple of pages last night because I got the call.

    And happy writing to you too.

    In the Light,



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