Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Tuesday on Facebook!

After sleeping through most of yesterday - woke up refreshed today, thought of stitching, started, and then - oops - fell asleep again... What is wrong with me???
Through roughly 1 hour of stitching, I was contemplating a question.... 

This cartoon is made with an application called Bitstrip. It can be found on Facebook, and when you first sign up, it lets you create an avatar based on your picture. Then, you can start playing - choose different topics to post about, use friends' avatars... a cartoon world, and a funny one at that! 
Here is a conversation with my husband that I bitstripped a couple of weeks ago.

Besides Bitstrip, there are a few other features I use on Facebook. Games (of course), although I try to not get addicted. Lately, I have been noticing how more and more games want you to spend real cash to advance in their virtual picture world... (no thank you, by the way - I have real bills to pay). 

Then, there is my own page - For the Love of Stitching, that I try to update regularly with pictures of finished projects - and thoughts on stitching and life. I hope my followers like my posts... and look at my pictures. 
And last, but not least - Facebook groups. I belong to about 5 or six cross stitch groups on Facebook. I don't post very often, but I try to do it regularly. And what a joy it is to share my progress with the like-minded people, to get props, compliments, "likes" and comments... With no living stitchers nearby, Facebook contact is about the only regular communication I have with ladies and gentlemen (yes, men cross stitch too) that appreciate this form of art. 

Recently, several things regarding Facebook came to my attention. One - that some people join Facebook groups to advertise their services. While on some groups it may be fine, on others it is strictly prohibited. It is common courtesy to ask the administrators of the group about running ads - and also not to get offended if/when the answer is "no." Come on, people, there is enough advertisement in our life... Most of us joined the group(s) we are in to connect and share, not to buy stuff... 
Two - a few people, it seems, join the group, hang out for a few days/weeks, and then create their own group - a "carbon copy" of the one they are in: same daily topics, same challenges, questions, in some cases even the same background pictures... I get it that these people are looking for attention, recognition, respect - but is this the right way to get it? By stealing someone else's ideas? If you want to be recognized for your achievements - then work on your own achievements, don't steal others' work. Because sooner or later the truth will come out - and you will end up a laughing stock. Not the kind of attention anyone would want. 
In conclusion, I want to say thank you to the Administrator and her friendly (but strict) assistants of one of my favorite stitching groups. Remember - no matter what happens, you are doing a good thing. You help us all by bringing us together. Don't give up.

Happy Stitching! 

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