Tuesday, December 2, 2014

On the First Day of Christmas - First Experience.

I stitched a Christmas ornament - first one this year.

Woodland Wish by Blue Ribbon Designs
Stitched with hand dyed threads
from Nancy Turner collection.
In addition, this was my first experience stitching with hand dyed threads. What can I say - I am very glad I tried. I loved it! Now - on to figuring out how to turn this into an actual ornament.

I got the pattern from the Christmas issue of Just Cross Stitch - and there was something familiar about this particular ornament. Then I remembered...

I stitched one of their designs last year! I could recognize those tree branches anywhere - they are like BRD's signature..

Happy stitching, my friends! 


  1. Oh how wonderful!! I LOVE Blue Ribbon Designs... And yes stitched the top one too :) And yes your right about recognizing those tree branches!!
    Both your stitched designs are wonderful and will look really pretty on your tree :)


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