Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sleeping with Cross Stitch

I am not kidding! Over the weekend, whenever I start stitching, I fall asleep. In addition, yesterday I went to the local craft store to buy some floss - and I got so dizzy on my way back I nearly passed out... Came home and had to rest, then got hungry/thirsty, had some soup and water to drink.. Then got tired and fell asleep... And so on, and so on, in circles: tired, hungry, thirsty, sleepy... Suddenly thinking of the Snow White's dwarfs...
I am hoping to go to the doctor over the next few weeks to find out what it is I am dealing with. My husband says I am just exhausted and need some rest. He may be right.Stitching - continuous stitching with the deadline - does take the toll on one, and it sneaks up unexpectedly and suddenly.
So, about stitching! No picture today - because there is not much to show - but I tried doing a project with what's called 'Tambov's Cross Stitch". Instead of 2 stitches,each cross stitch takes 13 stitches total, because the square, in addition to containing the cross stitch itself, is also "outlined" with stitches all around. The feeling is as if you "stitch in" whatever it is you are working on and don't let it get out of the square... and then go to another square... and another... The result is quite neat - very tidy and solid, but I am not sure it is designed for our delicate 14-count Aida. Frankly, a burlap sack would handle it better.
I was planning to work on "makosh" - a protective charm for the woman/stitcher in the family - that looks like a tree with the owl sitting in it. A really beautiful design, really... but - after about 2 hours of work  I only finished the base of the tree, and not all of it at that. And I got tired... again.

I really hope to get better soon and get out of the "tired-hungry-thirsty-sleepy" circle. Wish me luck...

Happy stitching!

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