Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Design of My Own

Last night I made my first original cross stitch design. I used my daughter's drawing as an inspiration, and came up with a cross-stitched birthday card for her teacher. Here is the result. It's far from glamorous, but - it's a start. My daughter liked it.

And what do you think, my friends and fellow stitchers?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celtic Lady Update

I have been working on my Celtic Summer lady, and it actually looks like I may be able to complete it some time soon. I have to restrain myself from putting in more beads ("Stitching first," I keep saying). I think she is turning out rather well.

Besides her, I have sooo many projects swirming around in my head... I want to stitch celtic designs. I want to stitch fantasy zodiac signs... I want to stitch Victorian houses... But - all in good time. Maybe I should stitch myself a phrase "One thing at a time"...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hardanger Lessons - Cutting Fiasco

So I decided to learn how to do hardanger, bought a complete kit at Thumbelina store in Solvang, and dared myself to attempt the project. I have never tried it before - I was terrified of the part where you cut away the threads. The stitching did not scare me.

I was right. The stitching went well, everything looked very neat, until it was time to cut away... I must have cut away the wrong threads, or did not cut away the right ones... Above presented is the mess that came out of my project. I am frustrated... I need someone to teach me!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stitching News

I keep working on my Celtic lady Summer and on the Clippership cross stitch for a friend... Been doing "rotations" of work - that really helps.
Last week I had my final session of physical therapy, and I decided to bring my works to show to the ladies at the office... They told me to bring some business cards! Some people they know really need their projects finished, and - who knows - I may be able to start doing what I like full time... Well, let's calm down and not get too excited. For now, my excellent supportive husband came up with the design of the business card, and we'll take them to the copy shop to get made... Wish me luck!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Old Friends? New Friends? Online Friends?

It seems the online pages I joined a while ago are coming back to life. First, an old friend from my teenage years found me online - wanted to reconnect. Then, through that friend I reconnected with another friend and saw some breathtaking pictures of France and Switzerland, and talked for several days back and forth. Go figure - you meet a guy at an old rugged train station in the middle of nowhere - and fifteen years later find him living in France. Finally, it seems like the Celtic Online Stitching page is coming back to life again... Communications are reviving... Is it, perhaps, the influence of spring in the air?
We will see.