Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life is full of....

possibilities. I came by the college on Monday, and they offered me my old job at the Computer Lab... Yeah! Not a pot of gold, but much better than I was expecting under the circumstances.

stuff. Being unemployed gave me a chance to enjoy the "simple" things in life, like taking a shower in the morning and taking my time getting ready, as well as stopping for coffee and not get frantic when it takes an extra minute to get it ready. No rush...

shit? Yes, that too. Sometimes I still get bitter and angry about being "thrown out" of the workforce without any warning.
But I always have to remember about the first and the second thing, then the third one does not take as much of my time and attention.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ending and the New Beginning...

I suppose the Powers that Be heard me - or read my blog about the workplace. Last week I was laid off. Not for anything I had done, no fault of my own (the boss was clear about that), but because there is really not enough work. Through the weekend, I was panicking - after all, this is my source of income, what am I to do?
And then... I came by the college. I received my Associate's with them last year, so why not go on? They looked at my records and sent me to the Transfer Center - to speak to the University Rep. The University Rep spoke to me, and it looks like I may be restarting school by the end of this month! That's provided that my Financial Aid goes through. But - what a great opportunity!
I have something to look forward to.