Monday, October 30, 2017

A Bit of Stitching, Reading, and Thinking (Continued).

Hello again, dear friends,

To continue the topic of stitching that had to be interrupted last time in favor of work...

This past year I stitched a few snowmen - to the point of dreaming of them.

"Snowmen Stocking" - Dimensions kit

Perhaps, I started dreaming about these particular snowmen because they wanted to be finished so badly. I have been trying to finish them for about a year... It was about time.

"Snowmen Banner" by Stoney Creek
These three gentlemen, with their bright colors and a sharp Welcome banner, were a joy to work on - plus, I learned and mastered the Turkey Stitch on them. It's what makes the ruffs of their scarves...

Turkey Stitch - can you see it?
Here's another one...

"Happy Holly Craze" by Stoney Creek

After the snowmen galore - here's something a bit different...

"Greatest Gifts" by Stoney Creek

Finally - two small, but powerful bookmarks...

"Paris" by Stoney Creek

Yes, they do!
Speaking of books - I have been reading a lot. Endlessly, I would say. With access to the audio collection from the public library, I have been able to combine two of my favorite pass times - reading and stitching.
I started with Robert Galbraith's trilogy about PI Strike. Then, I read (re-read?) "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," narrated by Stephen Fry. Then, with Halloween approaching - and "It" in the theaters - I "re-discovered" Stephen King for myself. In the past month, I have read (listened to):
"Finders Keepers"
"The Revival"
"Shawshank Redemption"
"Bag of Bones"
"Quitters, Inc." - and other short stories...

Once again, duties call, and I have to go.  To be continued.

Until next time,

Monday, October 23, 2017

A Bit of Stitching, Reading, and Thinking

Good morning, dear friends,

Once again, it has been a while. What can I say? Life gallops on, with work, projects, books, commitments there isn't much time to sit and write it all down. Day by day, my life seems pretty regular and scheduled, same-old same-old, but when compiled, suddenly I see that a lot has happened.

Let me start with the highlights...

"Pumpkin" by Olesya Novoshilova

My stitching has been published! I received my copy of Just Cross Stitch - and look, there it is, the design I stitched. It is small, but so colorful and detailed. I really enjoyed working on it; the process felt very natural, almost like painting, thanks to the way the designer blended the colors.

Here it is, close up. I was in such a hurry to send it back on time that I forgot to remove the waste knot (easily fixed, thankfully)... Can you spot it on the picture?

There are a few more designs that have been published - mostly online and in pamphlet publications, and it was a thrill to see my work on the leaflets in the stores. There is a special feeling about seeing something you worked on in print, the picture of my stitching showing how it's supposed to look. Knowing - for sure - that I am good at something I love to do.

Here is the new project from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe that I had the pleasure of working on.
"Flower Seeds" by Nancy Turner

When I think of Nancy's designs, the word "earthy" comes to mind. Stitching her designs always gives me the feeling of slipping into a time loop and visiting the past. The touch and smell of fabric, the softness of the thread, the subtle yet vibrant colors - all adds to the richness of it. Whenever I get to pick up one of her designs, I know it's going to be a beautiful experience.

In the WIP section I have "Stocking Critters"  kit from Dimensions.

On top of the Penguin (if you can see him) there will be a bird with a colorful package. A totem pole of sorts (I keep thinking while stitching it). It was a whole lot of white for a while, but now, with more colors around it, it is starting to take shape.

With all the stitching done (and still to be done), I have been listening to stacks (is that word appropriate here?) of audiobooks. From Robert Galbraith's Cormoran Strike trilogy, to Agatha Christie's stories, to Edgar Allan Poe. After watching "It" at the movies, I thought of re-reading Stephen King - and got hooked. Book after book, story after story. I just finished listening to "Bag of Bones," read by Stephen King himself....

But, it is getting late. I will have to write about my thoughts on the read books in my next post. Good night, my friends.

Until next time,