Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stitching Thoughts

Over the past week, I have been stitching a Heart sampler. It has a big "quilted" heart in the middle, made out of different color stripes, like puzzle pieces. The whole sampler - the whole stitching process - reminds me lately of a puzzle: the picture consists of so many different pieces, shapes, colors, stitch variations. Will I be able to see the whole picture? That's what life is like for me too.
Eventually, though, I will see the completed sampler. It will be finished. Will I see the life's complete picture - that's another story.
On a non-philosophical, practical end of things - I have found a temporary job. Nothing big, just a couple of days, but exactly what I need after a long "break" from working. Wish me luck...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Results of Theraputic Stitching

  (Note: some links on this post have been lost after Blogger update).

Last night, very late, I finished my Celtic Lady. While working on her, I learned to do beading - her pattern calls for so many beads her dress reminded me of a pin cushion for a while... I've enjoyed watching the design come through on the fabric and the colors blend together... Working out little mistakes (and big miscounts)...Stitching her was like going away into another world, a place where everything is by the rules and everything makes sense. And things come out beautiful.

Anyway,back to the real world. The good news about finishing this project is - that I could do it, which also means - I can concentrate again. Hooray, my mind no longer feels like soupy mush, there is substance there somewhere again...

Now that she is finished, I'll just have to frame her... And think about what to stitch next.