Saturday, December 15, 2012


One day, I will run out of the words.
My mind will not abide
By all the rules and barriers set inside
To keep my hidden thoughts.

One day, I will run out of the time to hide.
My voice will speak the truth, untamed and uncontrolled, -
All is revealed, no treasure is in sight, -
And, naked and ashamed, I'll stand before the world.

But on that day
You won't be there to hear it, I pray.

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  1. Hi Katya,

    This poem's common, but strong, words don't prepare the reader for the sudden
    vehemence, almost ominous? last three lines.

    I guess "that day" might be an unconscious choice but immediately reminded me this is a classic phrase from Jewish apocalyptic warnings--"on that day."

    Also, powerful are word choices like the string of assonance "

    Also, intriguing but mysterious is the statement that "no treasure is in

    And, of course, other poetic ways such as the consonance of "

    Powerful poem,



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