Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love and Luck to All!

That was my thought when I was stitching this new biscornu designed by Olga Maxden. The whole process took me roughly six days, from stitching out the hearts to attaching the beads to putting it all together. And I loved every minute of it.

In addition to that, when I am not thinking of love, luck and stitching biscornus, I crochet. Right now I am working on a humongous soft blanket. Every Saturday  - well, almost every Saturday - I go to the crochet group at our local Beverly's store and enjoy the company of many ladies with the same interest as mine.... as well as birthdays, baby showers, life stories, and everything that comes with sitting in a large group of women for three hours straight. Surprisingly for myself, I do not mind.
One Saturday, though, I had to miss this "gathering of minds" for one simple and sad reason: I lost my crochet hook. Now when I say "I lost" I really want to say "It was stolen", but I don't have any real proof of that, except for conviction in my head. Who were the culprits? I will tell you, if you promise not to laugh. They were Nargles!
Nargles, according to the Online Urban Dictionary,  are creatures that "are known to live in mistletoe, and they are quite the little thieves." I did not believe in them at first, but the recent disappearances and subsequent "returns" of my favorite items made me change my mind.
Let's see... About a year ago, I purchased a Celtic Autumn chart in Solvang, brought it home, and put it in my drawer to be started at a later time. When that "later time" came, I opened the drawer and could not find it there... I searched my entire office, questioned my children and my husband, but, alas, the chart was nowhere to be found.
Disappointed and sad, I gave up on finding it. Then, about a month ago, something told me to look in that same drawer again, and there it was, my chart, neatly folded and with conversion printouts, just as I left it, in the exactly same place. I was overjoyed.
The next two thing to disappear was my embroidery scissors. Taught by the chart experience, I did not immediately rush to the store for the new pair, but decided instead to wait. It took those scissors a week to reappear... right next to my armchair. Finally, my crochet hook disappeared under unknown circumstances, and reappeared today in my office, right in the middle of the carpet floor. How else can all this be explained? Nargles, of course!
I am sure that, after reading this post, you will immediately start believing in nargles too. But even if you are not totally convinced, or if, even worse, while reading these words you shake your head and mumble to yourself something about a "looney, batty cat lady" who lost her mind or memory... well, that is, of course, your choice. May I just leave you with one thought: there are lots of creatures in this world, some visible, some not, some believed to be purely imaginary. But just because you have never seen something, does not mean it does not exist. And if something exists in my head, does not mean it is not real.
 With that, I wish Love and Luck to All! 

(Note: to qualify for a wish, belief in nargles is not required).


  1. Nargles, gremlins...gnomes...whatever you believe...they are lil pests, all of them. Hmph! Glad you have critters that have the good sense to return those things which they play tricks on you with. In your research of said Nargles, did it mention what appeases them to make them tolerable to live with? LOL Beautiful image of your biscornu. I love the delicate leaves that you put with it. Beautiful.

  2. Michele, thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate your compliment. As for appeasing nargles, I did not find anything in print. But from personal experience I would say they are a lot like children, so the best way to get your things back is to ignore their mischief and to know the things will turn up. That behavior discourages them from future tricks.

  3. Hi Katya,

    I'm amazed that you and Betsy haven't crossed paths, as Beverly's is one of her favorite places too.

    Glad to see you are posting more.


  4. Hi Dan,
    We probably go there at different times. But I often see Betsy at college.
    Thank you for the comment!


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