Monday, December 15, 2014

Is It That Time Again?

Is it really time for end of year results? Wait, we still have two more weeks, maybe I can squeeze in one more project... or two... or three. Well there is nothing wrong with wishing. I will probably get a few small projects done in the next couple of weeks, but as for big ones - I might as well draw the line and give a report. Here it is -seven in all.

'Love Sampler by Nancy Turner.
Linen. DMC floss. 

I love Nancy's designs - they are colorful, meaningful, and they feel like home. They are ornate and intricate without looking "busy". A perfect balance.
And - here is another one!

"Needle and Thread" by Nancy Turner
Linen, DMC threads

"Heaven and Nature" by Sandy Orton
14 count Aida
DMC floss

Gardening angels - complete with tools! So they are the ones looking after our plants! No wonder mine have been turning brown... I have no green thumb at all, every plant I touch turns to leafless stick almost instantly. So - I stick to stitching.

Best Things in Life
Stamped cross stitch

This one was a stamped cross stitch project, and I remembered a lot of things on it - quite a learning experience, not unlike going back to school for a refresher course.

And here is something different...

"Dessert Fairy" by NeoCraft

This is a Dessert Fairy designed by a Russian artist Valeria Antonova of NeoCraft cross stitch company. The project was done on finer material with specialty threads (which means, basically - it was a kit, and everything came in it, and it was not DMC). The different shades and thickness was obtained by stitching with - in some areas - one thread over two. This is one of the "unusual" projects I stitched this year... Once it is framed, I am sure it will be a conversation piece.

Here is something that looks simple enough, but what an enjoyable piece it was...

Massachusetts Sampler
14 Count Aida, DMC floss
I especially loved stitching all the letters and the bird. There was something about that sampler that made me want to go out and find more of them, for other states. Maybe I will do that some day.

And finally - last, but definitely not least -

"Sugar and Spice" Christmas Stocking
Linen, DMC floss

I do not - forgive me - remember the designer of this beautiful piece. The detail is exquisite! As I was working on it, I kept thinking, "They don't make patterns like that any more..." Wait a minute... does it mean I am actually getting... old???
 These are the seven big projects I stitched this year. Besides that, there were a few minis, a couple of - fairly sizable - embroidery things, but, as far as big and bright and cross-stitch related, these seven definitely are my favorite....
Now on to - a bit more stitching, followed by house cleaning, tree buying - and decorating, ornament making... present buying... and everything else that comes with Christmas!

Have a Happy one!


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Joseph and your kids,

    I think I like "Heaven and Nature" best.
    Glad to see you had a very productive year creating beauty.

    1. Thank you, Daniel!
      Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to you and Betsy!
      I think the Heaven and Nature was the most colorful one this year. Working on it was like going back in time - into the 90-s, perhaps?
      Thank you for your comment.


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